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Servo Splash Loader Site

A simple utility that will display a splash-screen window as quickly as possible. Available for both 16- and 32-bit Windows. JPEG support. Freeware

Loader is a simple utility that will display a splash-screen-like window as quickly as possible, then, in the background, launch a second application based on a series of parameters in a configuration file. Its main purpose is to provide a very fast method of displaying a splash-screen or bitmap without interfering with the launching of the second application.

Why would you want it?

Toolbook startup time is notoriously slow - well at least in the sense that you don't see anything happening for quite a while after you start the program. You can try to display a splash screen - but even this will take time to show. The above tool solves this problem - I haven't tried it, but I intend to.

Image of Servo Splash Loader Site