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Murder Of Children As Human Sacrifice

Seriously, this was a link to another conspiracy theory involving sacrificing children, what's wrong with you people?

Before you believe this kind of stuff, you should really do the research and see for yourself. Sometimes

you have to look where the information comes from and if they have proof and are trustworthy. Just because

it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true, do the work and use common sense.

"Zero tolerance policy for willful ignorance" - a regular guy with common sense


You burden me with your questions

You'd have me tell no lies

You're always asking what it's all about

But don't listen to my replies

You say to me I don't talk enough

But when I do I'm a fool

These times I've spent, I've realized

I'm going to shoot through

And leave you

The things, you say

Your purple prose just give you away

The things, you say

You're Unbelievable

--- EMF (Unbelievable)

Image of Murder Of Children As Human Sacrifice