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Portland Oregon Pow/mia's And Other Military Issues

On Sept. 18, ten enormous roadway signs regarding military detainees of war and those long gone will be committed in open services in 6 urban areas situated along the new POW/MIA Memorial Highway across Oregon on U.S. Parkway 26 among Seaside and Vale. Sept. 18 is National POW/MIA Recognition Day regarding

POWs, MIAs and their families. The new POW/MIA Memorial Highway is the consequence of the non-benefit Bend Heroes Foundation solicitation to the Oregon Legislature in 2019.

"In Malheur County we are respecting 6 of our own," composed Dan Burks, American Legion District 10 Commander.

Following is a rundown of those assistance individuals to be regarded.

Gordon S. Benson, USAAF, 1 LT, WWII, MIA Patrick F. Bridgeman, Army, PVT, WWII, MIA Leslie B. Crocker, USAAF, S SGT, WWII, MIA Joseph E. Deffenbaugh, Army, PVT, WWII, MIA Harold R. McMillan, USAAF, 1 LT, WWII, MIA Richard V. Smith, Army, PFC, WWII, POW, MIA

The motivation behind the POW/MIA Memorial Highway is to respect Oregon's almost 1,000 Prisoners of War, of whom just about 200 kicked the bucket in bondage, 135 regular people (later assigned as Veterans) who became POWs during WWII and 1,000 (999 Veterans, 1 Civilian) Oregonians who actually stay Missing in real life or "Unaccounted-For" from World War I to the Vietnam War, instruct the voyaging public and let the groups of POWs and MIAs realize Oregon upholds their expectations and petitions for the arrival of their cherished one's remaining parts.

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