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Smith Rock Routes

About the Routes at Smith Rock

Smith is a recreational climber's heaven from numerous points of view, yet some key factors should be remembered for a great outing. 

Novices will without a doubt see something abnormal about the main bolt on a considerable amount of the courses: it is regularly 15 feet off the ground, and there will probably be some committing moves paving the way to it. This goes for courses of practically any evaluation, from the 5.8 shipping lanes to the 5.13 and .14 tasks. A significant number of these courses start on slopes too which makes a pre-cut tumble an incredibly, very bad idea. 

Try not to spare a moment to bring a stick-clip down into the recreation center with you, and get ready to be fairly modest about the climbing. Individuals do sometimes take some bad falls before the first bolt has been clipped on the more popular courses, which can undoubtedly be avoided by pre-clipping the 'draw. 

You don't frequently see courses here with bolts every 5 ft. as you would at different regions, and keeping in mind that it very well might be scary from the outset you'll figure out how to adore it as you invest more energy here. If it's your first time at Smith it wouldn't be an ill-conceived notion to get going gradually and attempt a modest bunch of highways a level or 3 beneath the thing you're accustomed to climbing, just to ensure you're agreeable.

Classic Climbing Routes at Smith Rock

Mountain Project's determination of the classic, most popular, highest-rated climbing routes in this area.

Route Name                     Location Star                                                             Rating                     Difficulty Date

Pioneer Route                  (s) Monkey Face                                                             314                        5.7 C0 Trad, Sport, Aid 3 pitches

West Face Variation       (s) Monkey Face                                                             155                        5.8 C0 Trad, Aid 5 pitches

Monkey Off My Back      (s) Monkey Face                                                             114                        5.8+ Sport

Zion                                     (g) Morning Glory Wall                                                  321                        5.10a/b Trad 4 pitches

Bad Finger                          (z) Lower Gorge > W Side > (2) Wildfire Wall            156                        5.10b Trad

Last Chance                       (z) Lower Gorge > W Side > (3) Catwalk Cliff             80                          5.10c Trad

Moons of Pluto                 (q) Mesa Verde Wall                                                      371                        5.10d Sport

Wartley's Revenge           (l) Christian B� > Christian Brothers -�                    117                        5.11a Trad 3 pitches

Pure Palm                          (z) Lower Gorge > W Side > (2) Wildfire Wall             172                        5.11a Sport

Vomit Launch                    (f) Cocaine Gully                                                            265                        5.11b Sport

Monkey Space                   (s) Monkey Face                                                            107                         5.11b Sport 2 pitches

Dreamin'                             (l) Christian B� > Christian Brothers -�                    94                          5.12a Sport

Heinous Cling Start          (k) The Dihedrals                                                          203                         5.12a Sport

Heinous Cling                    (k) The Dihedrals                                                           101                         5.12c Sport

Chain Reaction                 (k) The Dihedrals                                                           123                         5.12c Sport

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