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Many Famous Historical Figures Such As Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin And Ernest Hemingway Had Ad(h)d-like Characteristics.

Having ADHD isn't something terrible on the off chance that you realize how to deal with it. Yet, what numerous individuals don't know is, having ADHD can likewise be something awesome! How is that? Well for a certain something, numerous individuals with ADHD are exceptionally imaginative individuals. They are acceptable at pondering new and energizing things and come up with new inventions.

Numerous specialists accept that Thomas Edison had ADHD, and he was the best inventor ever. Several renowned writers, artists, actors, and musicians also had ADHD, which helped them with being more imaginative. A portion of your number one performers, entertainers, and sports stars likely have ADHD as well. The most popular competitor with ADHD is Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps

Many individuals with ADHD are pleasant, caring individuals. They have a huge heart! Numerous children and grown-ups with ADHD have tons of energy and are enjoyable to be with! They like to attempt new and energizing things. Many individuals are acceptable at deduction quick and have a generally excellent awareness of what's funny. All in all, individuals with ADHD can simply be loads of fun to be with! 

A few groups with ADHD are mainstream and make companions without any problem. It's significant not to get excessively bossy or hyper with different children, however, because that can make them frantic at you. Several children with ADHD are generally excellent at sports and other proactive tasks. Many grown-ups with ADHD are good at sports as well.

Famous People Who We Think Had ADHD (Based on their history)

Thomas Edison - The most famous inventor in history; had 1093 patents

Benjamin Franklin - Great statesman who helped found our country

Leonardo da Vinci - Incredibly creative artist and inventor

Albert Einstein - Brilliant scientist and mathematician

Alexander the Great - Easily bored and restless; conquered the world

Vincent Van Gogh - Great painter, sometimes impulsive

Ernest Hemingway - Famous novelist & adventurer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Brilliant composer and musician

Babe Ruth - Legendary baseball player

Other historical figures who have been proposed as ADHD candidates include Hans Christian Andersen, Ludwig van Beethoven, Winston Spencer Churchill, Walt Disney, Benjamin Franklin, Robert and John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, Jules Verne, Woodrow Wilson, and the Wright brothers. Some contemporary ADHD candidates have also been proposed, including Whoopi Goldberg and Dustin Hoffman. Robin Williams has sometimes been called "the poster child for ADD".

Image of Many Famous Historical Figures Such As Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin And Ernest Hemingway Had Ad(h)d-like Characteristics.