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Wolftree - Science Education In The Outdoors


Wolftree is the community partner for this Capstone. They are a private education organization advocating fostering invaluable connections among citizens and their public and private lands around them.

Field Days include outdoor field trips, classroom visits, and usually one service day at Wolftree's office. During outdoor field trips, the student will be an assistant Science Mentor for a small group, inquiry-based science experiments. As the term progresses, students with outstanding teaching and leadership capabilities may be asked to serve as lead mentors. During classroom visits, the student will perform a variety of duties including small group mentoring, individual tutoring, or other activities at the discretion of the classroom teacher. During service days, students assist Wolftree staff with such activities as maintaining or organizing field equipment, processing teacher and student assessment surveys, or other labor-intensive tasks at the discretion of Wolftree staff.

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Science Inquiry in the Outdoor Classroom

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