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  • How to Appeal an FTB Audit?

    How to Appeal an FTB Audit?

    The Internal Revenue Service, also better known as the IRS, administers penalties and tax laws at the federal level. And, the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is the equitant of the IRS at the state level in California. It is in charge of collecting and reviewing the tax returns of individuals and businesses. In addition, the […] More

  • Slip and Fall Injury Claim Myths

    Slip and Fall Injury Claim Myths

    Over a million slip and fall accidents happen in the United States every year. However, victims of slip and fall injuries are usually hesitant to file lawsuits. Because they fear that such cases will be quite challenging to settle. While it is true that such claims are not the easiest regarding proving legal liability. It […] More

  • How to handle auto accident bad faith claims

    Handling Bad Faith Claims

    Car insurance companies follow a simple and predictable plan when a car accident occurs. However, in some cases, the company can sometimes fail to adhere to legal obligations to work in good faith. This means that the company is acting in bad faith. Handling bad faith claim rejections is important if you want to protect […] More

  • Immigrant workers rights

    Immigrant Workers’ Rights

    Every person in the United States, despite having an immigration status, has the right to work with pride. Unfortunately, most immigrant workers are often deprived of this right. Every worker has the right to work independently without living in the fear of not receiving compensation. Or being asked to perform dangerous or life-threatening tasks. The […] More

  • Tips for parents sharing custody

    Family Law: 7 Tips for Parents Sharing Custody

    Sharing custody of a child after separation or divorce is never easy. Sure, the pain and suffering of a breakup are certainly felt by the parents, but the stress takes a toll on the kids too. As a parent, you obviously want the best for your children, so perhaps you can make co-parenting easier for […] More

  • Steps to take after an accident

    Auto Accidents: Steps to Take After an Accident

    Each year, there are over six million auto accidents that occur in the country. Being involved in an auto accident can be a nerve-wracking experience for almost every person. This is why it is crucial to know what you should do immediately afterward. If you are ever in an auto accident, there are certain measures […] More