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  • Moving Forward Financially After Divorce

    Moving Forward Financially After Divorce

    Going through a divorce can be emotionally challenging but can also have a profound impact on your finances. After all, the same pool of assets and cumulative income supporting a family now has to support two separate households. Unfortunately, most people who file for divorce do not prepare themselves financially. As a result, they have […] More

  • Why is Proving Paternity Important

    Why is Proving Paternity Important

    An important legal question to think about – “why is proving paternity important?” Determining the paternity of a child can have a significant impact on both the child and parents. Naturally, legally married parents assume paternity at the birth of their child. But for unmarried couples, the situation is different. Determining the paternity of a […] More

  • Advice for Teens Going Through Divorce

    Advice for Teens Going Through Divorce

    When parents get divorced, it can profoundly impact the lives of their children. For teens, this process can be particularly difficult.  Parents sometimes lean on teenagers to take care of their younger siblings, do more house chores, or even pass on messages between both of them. This process can take an emotional toll on teenagers, […] More

  • What to Include in your Parenting Plan?

    What to Include in your Parenting Plan?

    A parenting plan is a binding agreement between the parties who have shared parental responsibilities. They are used in the event of a breakup, separation, or divorce. It’s not mandatory to have a parenting plan. But this form of agreement can be helpful to fall back on in case issues arise concerning the children. A […] More

  • Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

    Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

    Going through a divorce can be a painful and overwhelming experience. You’ve invested time and energy into a relationship, but it appears the odds were against you. If you and your partner have decided to end your marriage, you probably require legal assistance for dissolving assets. And, in case you both have children, the custody […] More

  • Divorce attorney



    Keeping Divorce Out of Family Business

    Nobody thinks about getting divorced after getting married and starting a family business together. But if the marriage does end. In any case, you might have to face a complicated legal battle to protect your family business. At the time of divorce, you may not know how to equally divide your business assets and partnership […] More

  • Top questions to ask your divorce lawyer

    Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney

    Divorce is a huge decision. And the way things are handled during the process can have long-lasting impacts on both parties. No matter what side you are on, it is always wise to seek the help of an experienced, divorce attorney to help you understand your rights and legal responsibilities. Choosing the right lawyer to […] More

  • How does property get divided in a divorce?

    Who Gets the House in a Divorce?

    A divorce comes with its fair share of challenges, including property division. After all, your house might be the biggest asset that you will have to split in a divorce. Figuring out how to divide it equitably can be fairly challenging. And if dealt with without any thoughtfulness, it can become the major cause of […] More

  • Tips for parents sharing custody

    Family Law: 7 Tips for Parents Sharing Custody

    Sharing custody of a child after separation or divorce is never easy. Sure, the pain and suffering of a breakup are certainly felt by the parents, but the stress takes a toll on the kids too. As a parent, you obviously want the best for your children, so perhaps you can make co-parenting easier for […] More