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  • The IRS is Targeting Crypto Coin Tax Evasion with Operation Hidden Treasure

    Operation Hidden Treasure The IRS is Targeting Crypto Coin Tax Evasion

    The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has stepped up and introduced new avenues to expand on its enforcement capabilities. They have set up a new program specifically dedicated to tax compliance in terms of cryptocurrency. The IRS introduced “Operation Hidden Treasure.” Then begun to employ resources that will tackle unreported income gained from crypto […] More

  • How to protect your client in a criminal examination

    Eggshell Audits: Protecting Your Client in a Criminal Examination

    An eggshell audit refers to the civil examination that investigates the issues of tax defaulters. It is a criminal investigation carried out against those who have a record of withholding taxes. This examination involves two parties – the client and the tax controversy attorney. The latter party calls the shots. This means they are influential […] More

  • The effects of increased IRS funding on audits

    Does Increased IRS Funding Mean More Audits?

    Ever since the U.S. government announced an increase in IRS funding. Many speculations have been making rounds regarding its effect on the tax system. The evident spike in the IRS funding has been a center of many speculations. They are looking to increase IRS funding by around $80 billion within the next ten years. This […] More

  • What Is Willful Blindness In Relation to Tax Crimes?

    What Is Willful Blindness In Relation to Tax Crimes?

    Willful blindness, also known as deliberate ignorance or conscious avoidance. This is a legal policy that makes a felony prosecution on a tax dispute by attributing information or awareness onto an offender. Thus, any offender in a tax felony situation can be very hard to catch. Because it can be tough for the authorities to […] More

  • How to Appeal an FTB Audit?

    How to Appeal an FTB Audit?

    The Internal Revenue Service, also better known as the IRS, administers penalties and tax laws at the federal level. And, the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is the equitant of the IRS at the state level in California. It is in charge of collecting and reviewing the tax returns of individuals and businesses. In addition, the […] More