7 Shocking Statistics About Road Rage

7 Shocking Statistics About Road Rage
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Whether you are a driver or a passenger, chances are you may have witnessed road rage. Or experienced an aggressive driver on-the road at some point in your life. Road rage, also known as aggressive driving, is becoming increasingly common in recent years. In fact, not only is it getting more frequent but also more intense as it continues to impact the country’s roadways negatively.

And as life returns to normal after the pandemic, there is an increased reporting of incidents on the road. These incidents include violence, rude gestures, and screaming. While road rage is becoming increasingly common, it’s a rising concern as the act can put both drivers and passengers at risk.

In this post, we look at seven shocking road rage statistics that you may have never heard before. Indeed, the latest statistics show an alarming trend as it can significantly increase the risk of drivers and passengers suffering from higher incidents of fatal consequences. But before we get into the details of shocking statistics about road rage, let’s get a better understanding of what road rage exactly is.

What is Road Rage?

People use the term road rage to describe a driver’s aggressive behavior on the road. This type of behavior can lead to or cause verbal or physical harm to other individuals on the road.

They coined the term back in early 1990 when the media started reporting about it. The increasing reports of the growing trend of aggression exhibited by drivers or passengers on the road that started impacting the entire country. As a result, they made several additions to the law and legislation. To respond to the increasing aggressive road behavior that led to traffic violations in several areas.

Behavior That May Fall Under Road Rage

Road rage is a broad term that can be used to explain several different types of behavior exhibited on the road, including but not limited to the following behavior.

  • Changing road lanes carelessly,
  • Tailgating, yelling, or honking at another vehicle,
  • Following other cars too closely and failing to maintain adequate distance between the vehicle,
  • Driving on the sidewalk or road shoulder,
  • Over-taking vehicles on roads where it is not allowed,
  • Reckless driving and over-speeding,
  • Sudden and significant changes in speed without warning,
  • Failure to comply with traffic laws,
  • Failure to observe and follow warnings and instructions on the road or other vehicles,
  • Driving recklessly while racing other vehicles,
  • Taking sharp turns where it is not allowed.

Now that you have a clear understanding of what road rage is, let’s take a closer look at seven shocking statistics about road rage that may surprise you.

#1. These Accidents Resulted in Over 200 Murders and Over 12,500 Injuries Over a Seven-Year Period

According to the statistics compiled by NHTSA and the Auto Vantage auto club, road rage accidents have resulted in over 200 murders and 12,610 injuries. These statistics are a clear indication that aggressive driving, aggressive behavior, and response to aggressive behavior are leading causes of inconvenience, causalities, and injuries on the road.

#2. About One-Third of Collisions Are a Result of Aggressive Drivers

While vehicle collision is a common occurrence on the road, it might be surprising for you to know that around 1/3rd of vehicle collisions are a result of road rage. Almost every 1 in 3 car crashes can be linked to aggressive road behavior, such as overspeeding, recklessly changing lanes, and other inappropriate behavior on the road.

#3. 37% of These Incidents Involve Firearms

Another shocking statistic related to road rage is the use and involvement of firearms. It is a growing concern as more than 1/3rd of road rage accidents involve the presence or use of firearms by at least one driver. While this doesn’t always involve shooting, the presence of a weapon in the vehicle can significantly increase the risk of danger. Moreover, it creates a dangerous situation for the drivers and passengers involved, but it also escalates the risk for other drivers and pedestrians that are present near or around the area of conflict.

#4. 2021 Records as the Worst Year for Road Shootings

Statistics reveal that more than 500 people were wounded or killed in road rage shootings in the year 2021. This marks the highest number of cases related to gun violence on streets and highways, where an average of 44 people per month became a victim of road rage shootings.

#5. Road Rage Results in Around 30 Murders Annually

While 2021 has been recorded as the worst year for road rage shooting, let’s not forget that road rage has been a cause of around 30 deaths annually. Whether it’s the use of firearms or deadly vehicle collisions, several people die annually due to road rage.

#6. The Majority of the Drivers Believe Speeding is Normal

More than 50% of all drivers believe that driving ten mph over the speed limit can be perfectly normal. They also tend to assume that over-speeding, especially during rush hours, is completely fine. While 53% of drivers view over-speeding as a normal phenomenon, other 47% of drivers believe that it is a form of aggressive behavior that can lead to increased stress levels in other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians on the road.

#7. Half the Drivers Get Aggressive With Road Ragers

Around 50% of drivers admit that road rage by other drivers triggers stress and aggression. Which results in aggressive road behavior. The most common responses include horn honking, rude gestures, light flashing, and shouting.

After an accident caused by road rage, you should speak to an auto accident attorney. They can assist you at each step, so you get the civil justice you deserve. If you want to learn more about auto accidents please check our other auto accident-related blog posts.

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