Typical Mistakes Drivers Make That May Cause Accidents

Typical Mistakes Drivers Make That May Cause Accidents

When we think about dangerous modes of transport, most of us don’t think about driving on the road. Statistically speaking, passenger vehicles like cars are much more likely to result in deaths, which doesn’t even include accidents that aren’t that bad. Most car accidents we encounter are not lethal and won’t lead to significant injuries, but they still can cause a lot of harm.

In nearly all car accidents on the road, the fault lies in one of the drivers. Mechanical issues can result in an accident, but more often than not, the leading cause of an accident is human error. That said, we need to know the typical mistakes drivers make that can lead to accidents.

Switching lanes and proper use of mirrors and indicators

Lane switching is something that causes a lot of accidents. Whether it is your fault or the other driver’s fault, lane switching can lead to severe and dangerous accidents. As a driver, it is crucial to be completely aware of what is happening behind you and what is in front of you. Proper use of mirrors can prevent many accidents and make the road safer for everyone.

Alongside using your mirrors, you must also be considerate of other drivers. Don’t switch too fast in a lane or abruptly merge into an overtaking lane. Cars have indicators for a reason, and using them is very important to let other vehicles on the road know what you intend to do. You must use your indicators before switching lanes or making a turn, as it leaves others with enough time to respond to your actions.

Not avoiding rash drivers.

Even if you aren’t the main cause of an accident, you should always be wary of other drivers on the road. Many other drivers might drive dangerously, and you should try your best to avoid such drivers to protect yourself. As mentioned before, using your mirrors is an essential part of this. If you ever feel that a driver behind you is overspeeding or carelessly driving, try not to get in their way.

Don’t lose your cool

A big part of safe driving is staying calm, which means you should never lose your cool. If you feel a driver made a hazardous turn or bad overtake, you should let it go. Not only will it save you from any unnecessary accident, but losing your cool and reacting won’t get you anything positive from it.

Improper use of brakes

Brakes aren’t very complicated, but sadly, many drivers use them wrongly and dangerously. When driving, you should always avoid pressing your brake very hard unless necessary. Sudden braking will lead to you losing control of the vehicle, which might cause you to drift or flip. Additionally, suddenly braking at high speeds will also mean that cars behind you won’t have enough time to react.


An elementary mistake to avoid and a very dangerous one, speeding is something you should always avoid. Many people will feel that they drive really well at high speeds and control the car very well, but even if you are the best driver, you can’t control the actions of other drivers. When you go at very high speeds, drivers around you will have even less time to react to you, and if someone makes a risky turn, you might not be able to react to it. Speeding is especially dangerous around schools and houses as kids might be present there, and they are very unpredictable.

Speeding near traffic lights

Many people see a traffic light yellow and feel they can speed through it. This is a colossal mistake, but sadly a prevalent one. When you increase your speed at a traffic light, any miscalculation can cause a huge and dangerous accident. If you go through a red light, you will be susceptible to cars coming from the green light side. If you feel you miscalculated and try to brake, you might end up causing an accident that way too.

What to do if you are in an accident

Even the most careful driver might end up in an accident. You should drive in the safest way to avoid an accident, but you can’t control everyone on the road. If you happen to be in an accident, your first priority should be to ensure your and your passenger’s safety. If you are in the middle of the road, try to go to the side safely so you don’t block the traffic. Also, try to ensure that the people in the other car are okay.

Your car can suffer severe damage, and getting it checked should be a priority, even if it is driveable. You never know if there is some mechanical issue that might harm you in the future. Generally, transmission shops or mechanics can help you fix most of your problems. The internet can be a great help for you in this, as just searching on google can help you find mechanics close to you. For example, if you happen to be in an accident in Houston, typing transmission shops in Houston will give you all transmission shops nearby.

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