What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

Immigration lawyers, unlike other lawyers, have a different role in the world of law. Immigration lawyers help interpret the immigration law. They will help you analyze your rights. Then they will go over the strategies involved and will provide assistance through the steps of the immigration process. Immigration lawyers deal with legal matters and laws relating to nationality.

Their role is to dissect the immigration process and deal with all types of paperwork. As well as, all legal formalities so you can get a better understanding of the overall process. They help in preparing, organizing, and validating the legal documents you need to attain your immigration status. Do not take this process lightly, and it’s best to consult a professional.

The Role of an Immigration Lawyer?

These are the professionals who are experts in interpreting and explaining immigration law. They will guide their clients, every step of the way, through the bureaucratic and constantly changing immigration process. One of the most time-consuming tasks for an immigration lawyer consists of helping those individuals who experience difficulty adhering to the legal requirements. If their client has a deportation hearing scheduled, immigration lawyers, represent them in court.

Many people who are opting for immigration hire an immigration attorney for ease. Even the smallest errors on a visa application may result in push-backs and delays that can last several years. Apart from this, if the immigration office detects any errors or mistakes, you risk losing your visa. Or even worse, they could deport you. Immigration lawyers often act as mediators and provide counsel to the people who are applying for immigration.

An immigration attorney may provide guidance and assistance regarding visa applications, citizenship, Green card applications, noncitizen employment, or deportation.

Instances Where Hiring an Immigration Lawyer is a Must

You don’t always have to hire an immigration lawyer if you feel like you can get through the process yourself. However, working with an experienced attorney who knows the ins and outs of the immigration process will save you a great deal of time and energy. It will also help detect errors in your application. There are several situations where you absolutely need to hire an immigration attorney. Such situations include:

Crime conviction

In the event where the applicant is convicted of committing a felony or crime, almost always, they will have to consult with an immigration lawyer. In this scenario, the applicant has to submit the entirety of their criminal record. Along with the charges that were dropped before. An immigration lawyer has the expertise of knowing how immigration law and criminal law coincide with each other.

Medical Condition

There are some medical conditions and diseases that may not allow the applicant to gain access to the country. An immigration attorney helps you determine whether your medical conditions will make you ineligible to enter. And if so, what are the other options available to the applicant.

Application Denial

If you have been denied entry previously, then an immigration lawyer can step in and determine why the application was denied in the first place. The lawyer can then evaluate if there is a possibility of appeal or if the applicant can re-apply at a later date.

Non-cooperation from Employer

In the event that the applicant has registered and applied for an employment-based visa, but the future employer is not helpful with visa-related issues. If you find yourself stuck in this situation, hiring an immigration lawyer will be beneficial for you. A seasoned professional will ensure that the prospective employer fulfills their obligations as promised.

Terminated/Divorced Marriage

An immigration lawyer will be of use if the person applying for residency was previously married to a national citizen. If the marriage ended or the couple filed for divorce, a professional can help you remove certain clauses and conditions from their resident status. In the case where the marriage is considered fraudulent by the state, an immigration attorney can step in and help prove it otherwise.

A Child Under the Legal Age

Eligibility to gain the status of a permanent resident varies based on the applicant’s age. If the applicant is nearing the age of 21 and you suspect that you won’t be granted permanent resident status before they do, an immigration lawyer can advise you on alternative strategies for filing your children for immigration.

What an Immigration Lawyer Doesn’t Do

In the event that the person applying for immigration is based overseas, their immigration attorney will not be able to attend consular interviews with them or on their behalf. However, immigration attorneys can help you gather and prepare the required paperwork. It’s important to know that immigration lawyers have no jurisdiction over the speed of the immigration process and cannot offer any guarantees that you will be granted a residential address. Your attorney is only able to guide you through the process but cannot control the outcome.


An immigration lawyer is a trained and experienced professional who can provide you with information on what to expect. They will take appropriate measures to ensure the entire immigration process goes smoothly for you. They will help you avoid issues related to legal technicalities and will eliminate your worries regarding delays and the possibility of denied applications. To make the overall process less stressful and more efficient, hiring an immigration lawyer is your solution. All matters related to immigration can be time-consuming and demanding – hiring an immigration attorney and handing over the responsibility to them will lift a huge burden off your shoulders.

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