What Is a Letter of Protection or LOP?

What Is a Letter of Protection or LOP?

A personal injury attorney acting on behalf of a client who got hurt during a fall, a workplace injury, or a vehicle accident may write a letter of protection (LOP) and send it to a medical specialist. A LOP ensures that medical expenses will be covered by a future judgment or settlement award. Since private health insurance claims frequently disclaim responsibility and seek the driver’s auto insurance for money. Hospitals and doctors frequently refuse to accept the injured party’s medical coverage as a surety of settlement for medical help provided.

You must send a letter of protection to the healthcare provider. The letter promises that after your auto accident case is resolved, all your medical expenditures will be reimbursed. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the way a letter of protection (LOP) functions in a personal injury lawsuit. And discuss how you and your lawyer might decide if one is appropriate in your particular circumstance.

A letter of protection (LOP) can assist you in dealing with the insurance provider. And other issues when you require immediate medical attention while awaiting compensation. Let’s examine a letter of protection in more detail. Like how it functions in personal injury situations, and how you and your lawyer can decide if you require one.

Why Would You Need a Letter of Protection?

Healthcare has been one of the topics that Congress (as well as the media) has discussed. And, argued the most in the present political climate. In large part, the Affordable Care Act was developed with the goal of reducing or, in an ideal world, completely eliminating the number of uninsured people living in the United States. Since the Affordable Care Act passed. The number of individuals without health coverage in this nation has decreased. But it has not vanished. And occasionally the efficacy of the plans offered in the free markets is in question.

When someone gets hurt in a car accident or falls due to someone else’s negligence and has a good health insurance plan. They can use their health insurance to pay for the necessary medical care. They won’t have to worry about having to pay for their own medical expenses. However, a person without good health insurance can be reluctant to get the care they require out of that concern. Because in the event that something goes wrong, they will be personally liable for the costs. This is where a Letter of Protection would come in handy. The letter will safeguard the individual from going to collections while the case is pending. Plus, it enables them to receive necessary care that they would not otherwise be able to get.

How to Ask for a Protection Letter

You can ask your lawyer to prepare the letter of protection to be submitted to your healthcare provider. If you and your lawyer determine that it is the best course of action at that moment. The letter will contain important data such as the cost of medical care, the nature of the accident, and the extent of your injuries. As well as, your personal details, such as your name, date of birth, etc. It will also include information about your lawyer,  and the reason for the LOP. Plus, any relevant background information. It will also ask that payment be postponed until the conclusion of the legal proceedings. But, it comes with a commitment to make all outstanding payments at that time.

Even when you are still awaiting reimbursement for your injuries, a LOP can be a useful legal tool to ensure that you can get essential medical care. In some circumstances, it may also offer additional benefits. A LOP can assist you and your attorney in ensuring that you have thorough paperwork for all of your medical costs so that your case is better supported.

Additionally, in some circumstances, the medical professional who accepts the LOP can be more engaged with the case and more eager to offer testimony in favor of your personal injury claim. However, a letter of protection may not always be the best option in a personal injury case.

Automobile Injuries and Letters of Protection

Many health insurance policies do not cover medical expenses incurred due to the injuries sustained in auto accidents, which is something that many individuals are unaware of. They anticipate that you will look to the auto coverage provider for the accountable party to cover the expenses. However, auto liability insurance providers will not cover your on-the-go medical expenses.

They anticipate that you will cover the costs of the care, and submit all the invoices at once. Then they might make you a settlement offer. Auto liability insurance often still requires the injured party to cover those costs even if the medical care requires several months or more of treatment. This is now something that many doctors anticipate from insurance companies. As a result, many physicians decline to provide care to patients under their standard health coverage. If an auto accident caused the injuries. A letter of protection can help in this situation.

The injured party’s lawyer sends a letter of protection to a medical facility. It promises to cover the patient’s medical debt out of any future recovery. Whether that recovery comes from a settlement or a court verdict. It is a contractual arrangement that enables the injured party to effectively receive the care they require on credit. Agreeing to hold off on payment demands until the lawsuit is over. The attorney must ensure payment to the medical providers comes out of those funds. If they settle the lawsuit or if they obtain a judgment in the case.

The injured party is still accountable for the payment if there is no recovery. If the injured party doesn’t win the case. And the medical provider still has the right to go after them for the full amount of the charge. Just like any other debt.

The Significance of LOP

It may take a while for your auto coverage to pay for your medical expenses after being hurt in an accident. With letters of protection, plaintiffs can obtain sizable settlements while avoiding up-front medical expenses.

Your motor insurance policy does not provide coverage for medical costs as they arise. All treatment fees are your responsibility to pay; once you’ve received them, you’ll need to send them to the provider.

The insurance firm will make you a settlement offer once the paperwork is completed and approved by you. The best course of action is generally to contact a lawyer if this is not possible. When your case is in court, letters of protection let you keep getting the assistance you require. Additionally, they can be a useful tool if your medical issue is complicated. Depending on your circumstances, letters of protection may also offer other advantages. The medical professional who accepts your LOP could become more involved in your case. And more eager to testify in your favor.

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