When Is It Time To Call An Immigration Lawyer?

When Is It Time To Call An Immigration Lawyer?

Anyone who has been through the immigration process will agree that exploring immigration law on their own is not a wise thing to do. As an immigrant, it is vital for you to take the right steps when submitting your documents. An immigration lawyer can help.

Migrating to a different country entails filing different applications and learning about its laws. Moreover, immigration law can be complex and changes often. Here are some situations where it is best to call an immigration lawyer.

You Are Uncertain

You may be unsure about choosing an immigration pathway. Your native country, eligibility, individual circumstances, and immigration history play a role in determining the options available to you.

When you have multiple pathways to select from, an immigration lawyer can appropriately educate you about them. They would inform you about the pros and cons of each possibility along with the relevant timelines.

For example, engaged couples, you can choose to get married before entering the United States. A married couple can then either enter the country on an IR1 or CR1 immigrant visa. On the other hand, if you choose to stay unmarried, you can apply for a K-1 visa for a fiancé.

You Are An Employer

If you are a business owner looking to recruit a foreign-born employee, you will require an immigration lawyer to assist you. As a business owner, you are likely to be busy and not have time to figure out the nuances of immigration law.

For instance, you wish to sponsor someone for a green card in the United States for which the labor certification (PERM) needs to be completed. You will first need to place advertisements for the vacancy.

This process is complex, as only particular kinds of ads are acceptable. They must be written in a certain way and you need to adhere to various deadlines. Therefore, you are likely to make a mistake.

Moreover, the PERM application itself is complicated. Many business owners find it hard to fill out the required Form 9089. Even the smallest error in this form can lead to a denial. To help you out, there are many immigration lawyers who are experts in handling this application process. So, call an immigration lawyer in your area for assistance.

You Are Involved With Immigration Court Proceedings

If you are in the midst of tackling some kind of immigration court proceedings, it is best to get in touch with an immigration lawyer. Having a legal representative is vital, whether you believe the judge’s decision will be in your interests or against them.

An immigration lawyer can help you pursue the available options and reduce the risk of being refused legal status as an immigrant. They can quiz you to establish the best defense to prevent removal. A lawyer may even present you with options that you may not know about.

You Cannot Address Immigration Needs Yourself

At times, circumstances require an immigration lawyer to skillfully handle things that a common person cannot tackle on their own. For instance, you do not need an attorney in case of inadmissibility. However, it is difficult to determine eligibility for an inadmissibility waiver.

An immigration lawyer can work with you. And defend you against any accusations of national security or criminal charges. Provisional waivers related to the unlawful stay in the US are as complex. They need detailed documentation and certain tactics for filing.

Business immigration lawyers have important information regarding corporate immigration, employment-based visas, and employment law compliance to safeguard a company and its employees. For instance, you may require an immigration lawyer for representation in USCIS H-2A/H-2B compliance audits and anti-fraud audits.

There Is Considerable Paperwork

Even simple immigration applications involve completing several forms. As well as, collecting relevant documents to prove your eligibility. You will need to follow detailed instructions during the procedure.

At times, a mistake in filling out the applications can cause the authorities to delay, return, or even reject your application. Immigration lawyers have substantial experience in handling paperwork. They have the required knowledge and systems in place to streamline your applications.

Lawyers usually have computer programs where they can enter your details and prepare the forms quickly. Taking an immigration lawyer on board can be worth the while as you can enjoy peace of mind.

You Are Experiencing Delays Call an Immigration Lawyer

People often contact an immigration lawyer when the consulate fails to act on or approve their application within time.

Typically, bureaucracy rather than law is behind the delays.

For example, a person who relocates from Los Angeles to San Francisco after completing their green card application. Could find that their application has become lost in the bureaucratic black hole. Rather than the application getting transferred to the San Francisco USCIS office. Delays are rather usual at the USCIS Service Centers.

Immigration lawyers may not have substantial power in such situations, but they can tap the right inquiry lines. The channels are only accessible to lawyers for asking about problematic or delayed cases. Sometimes, even lawyers face hardship in receiving answers, but it is certainly worth trying.

Help You Live Legally In A Country

Immigrants aspire to obtain permanent residency or citizenship in a foreign country. While you may be able to work legally in the country with a working visa, you may be subject to certain laws.

In some circumstances, you may even face deportation before your visa expires. An immigration lawyer can guide you towards obtaining permanent residency, shield you from endangering your status as a resident, and recommend a path towards citizenship.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to file the right paperwork for immigration purposes. This is usually complex and extensive, making it hard to tackle without an expert. An immigration lawyer ensures your applications are free of errors and help you sail through difficulties in the way.

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