Things You Should Know to Avoid False Claims

Things you should know to avoid false claims.

Dealing with an accident can be very stressful and time-consuming for many people. The hassle of dealing with other parties and getting your car repaired makes a car accident very tedious. What can make this even worse is when someone files false claims against you, specifically, in this case, claims related to auto accidents. A false claim refers to a claim made by another party about your involvement in an accident, but the claim is false. There are many ways people try to make auto accident false claims, and there are ways in which you can avoid these claims. This article will examine what you need to look out for and what you can do to prevent false claims against you.

Ways in which people try to use false claims

The reason people use auto accident false claims is to put the blame on you for multiple reasons. Doing so makes you liable for damages, and they get free of all blame. People will often use false claims about you because they might be at fault for the damage to their car or an accident. False claims can be very damaging because, in most scenarios, it becomes your word against their word.

There are many different ways in which people use false claims; some of them are

Staged accidents

Sometimes people will stage an accident to bait a person. Their intention in this scenario is to take money out from you. Many people who stage accidents will claim that you caused the accident and it physically hurt them.

Another type of staged accident is when someone tries to brake check you by suddenly braking in front of you, causing an accident. This is done because most of the time, in a collision, the blame falls upon the person who hit the car from behind, even if they were not at fault.

Claiming damage, you didn’t do

When two cars have an accident, damage to either vehicle is very likely. In some cases, people try to blame you for a previous accident or damage to the car, claiming that you caused this damage too. Doing so allows the person to claim more damages from their insurance.

Shifting the blame on you

People tend to blame the other person for showing themselves as the victim, which can happen a lot in accidents. When people think there are no witnesses or it’s their word against yours, they try to show that the accident is your fault.

What can you do to prevent yourself from falling victim to these false claims?

False claims can be very damaging as they can leave a massive dent in your finances for something you didn’t even do. Luckily, you can take steps and actions that make it less likely for you to fall victim to these scams.

Dash cam or rear view cam

Nowadays, getting cameras for your cars that help you record stuff while driving is very easy. Dash cams are very commonly used by police cars, but you can benefit a lot from them by having them in your vehicle. If someone claims that you caused the accident and believes that the police won’t believe you, then having a camera allows you to prove them wrong.

Call the police or contact authorities instantly following an accident

It is crucial that you contact the right people as soon as you can. Along with getting the police so they can make a report, you should also contact your insurance agency as they can help you out a lot in this situation.

Try to take evidence of the scene.

Take photos of the scene from your phone before the cars are moved to show the positions of the vehicle. Also, try to take pictures of damages on the other car so they can claim anything extra.

Contact lawyers if someone places a false claim on you

When someone claims you did something you did not, contacting a lawyer is crucial as they can help you fight the false claim against you. There are many legalities to an issue you might not know, and getting a lawyer as soon as possible will help a lot.

Dealing with your car post-accident

An accident can leave your car with heavy damage no matter who was at fault. Some auto shops and mechanics provide tow services directly to their shops. For example, My Transmission Experts provide tow and accident services in Texas. It’s always good to know who provides these services in your area in case you need them.

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